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from the construction and civil
engineering industries to the
entertainment industry for the
past 15 years.

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AGS has established a reputation for excellence and reliability with many demolition contractors using the very latest design technology to deliver anything from simple supports to major retention projects. AGS provide for their clients a range of temporary supports to complete access structures, in essence, a scaffold designed so that it works, is adaptable and achieves several different disciplines.

Scaffolding/DemolitionCASE STUDY

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Case Study
Demolition of a 6500 m2 Office Building

Location: 216 City Road, EC1

Client: 777 Group Ltd

AGS Scaffolding designed and engineered this project from the outset. The scaffold enabled 777 Demolition to demolish the structure safely within the site but was also paramount in protecting 3rd parties at the boundaries. AGS made sure that all the access and protection requirements that 777 Demolition demanded were catered for. This project is challenging with boundaries adjacent to a major London thoroughfare and also a canal basin where special consideration is required. As a specialist contractors 777 Demolition entrusted AGS Scaffolding to deliver a workable solution that critically helped them maintain their program. AGS Scaffolding have successfully and safely delivered all that was expected including pull testing and weekly scaffolding inspections.

"We entrust our most complex of projects to AGS Scaffolding, because they have taken the time to learn our needs as a customer. When we call on their services we know that we will receive their full support (no pun intended) and honesty."
Paul Wilson, Operations Manager, 777 Demolition