Hoarding & Screening

offer screening, hoarding, temporary structures and platforms to everyone from the construction and civil engineering industries to the entertainment, advertising and marketing industries.

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Hoarding & Screening

AGS Media Structures, as our name suggests, provide screening, hoarding, protection and access solutions for a whole array of projects from internal fit-outs to whole redevelopments for the construction industry through to facilities management, media and corporate events. Restoration and refurbishment, for example, is about execution in what can be difficult circumstances. Protecting the site and what is on it can be awkward with, for example, constant adaptations to hoarding. AGS aim to approach this by using a method that really is suited for their client's complex needs.

Media Structures / Hoarding & ScreeningCASE STUDY

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Case Study
The Monument

Location: Pudding Lane, London, EC3R

Client: Cathedral Works Organisation

The Monument, one of the City of London’s most outstanding landmarks and visitor attractions, closed on 30 July 2007 for a substantial programme of improvements and repairs. The project, funded by the City of London Corporation, involved the cleaning and repair of Sir Christopher Wren’s Monument’s stonework and the re-gilding of it’s famous golden orb. The flame-topped Monument to the Great Fire of 1666 is the tallest isolated stone column in the world. Completed in 1677, The Monument stands 202 ft high and is positioned 202 ft from the spot in Pudding Lane on which the Great Fire is believed to have started. Every year, over 100,000 visitors climb the 311 spiral steps to the Monument’s observation gallery to enjoy unique and exhilarating views across the Capital.

In order to protect the Monument and to provide both working space and a storage area whilst the renovations were carried out a completely freestanding hoarding needed to be erected. The requirement was for a structure that was not fixed to anything at all, other than itself. The hoarding had to fill the roles of being substantial, safe, secure, and remain in place for up to 18 months.

“AGS did a great job, in fact probably more than was required including coming up with the idea of using the barrels filled with sand and water as a kentledge”
Gary Collings, Site Manager, Cathedral Works Organisation